Juna's 4th Birthday Cake

When it comes to making birthday cake, I always do the simplest way of decorating. I even created my own frosting using whatever I could get near home. It was a mixture of whipped cream, plain yogurt, confectioners' sugar, shredded processed cheddar cheese, and a bit of lime juice. Oh, I think I also added a few tablespoons of sweet condensed milk. The frosting tasted delicious, only the texture was too soft. But it was enough for covering the cake plainly. Then I let him top the cake with his favorite sprinkles. Simple, yet enough for making him happy. Kids are easy to please, aren't they?

By the way, the cake was red velvet.

(Not) Red Velvet Cake

Okay, okay, it is not visibly red. But it's natural. I used pure beet juice from fresh beets and not a single drop of food coloring. Out of curiosity I made two batch of cake using two different recipes, with more beet juice and less cocoa on the second batch, but it still resulted in brown color. I googled about it later and found out that to get the natural red color you should keep the proper acidity. Or something like that. That means I should have used baking powder instead of baking soda, and natural cocoa powder instead of Dutch-processed. Well, too late.

Anyway, Here are the links to the recipes I have tried. The last one is the recipe I might want to try in the future.


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