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Melon Frozen Yogurt With Strawberry Sauce

My mom has an ice cream maker. She got it as a door prize from an event many years ago. But she's never used it. Every time I pass by the kitchen I glance at the box of the ice cream maker stacked on top of kitchen cabinet, covered with dust. I've always planned of making use of it someday, but only yesterday I finally made it.

It was when I found a half of melon in the fridge, I thought of the ice cream maker and a melon frozen yogurt recipe that I've read. You cut a melon in half, scrape the flesh out (reserve the skin), crush and blend with yogurt (I used about 140 ml of plain yogurt for half a melon) and a little sugar (1 tablespoon or more depending on the sweetness of the melon), then put the mixture in a container and put the container in the freezer. When the mixture is half-hardened take it out, crush and stir until smooth, then put it back in the freezer. Repeat this around 3 times. As I used an ice cream maker I didn't do this. I just poured the mixture into …

Banana Chocolate Cobbler

I like cobblers, as I like crumbles and pies. They have a similar principle, bake fruits along with crusty dough. I just love the combination of tender and juicy fruits with crunchy-crumbly crust in my mouth. So rich.
This banana chocolate cobbler is exactly what rich would mean. You have tenderness, sweetness, crispiness and spiciness together in your plate. Complete.

Banana Chocolate Cobbler Recipe


Yesterday I ate a chocolate molten cake from some restaurant. It was so good that I thought about it all day. Craving for another one, I browsed my chocolate cake recipe collections and stumbled upon these chocohotopots. Tempted by the look of them, I baked them at once. The result was far from what I expected, well, it was a different kind of cake anyway. But it tastes pretty good if you enjoy them while still hot. And it would look prettier if you use ramekin instead of that aluminium foil cup like I used.

Chocohotopots Recipe