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Lemon Meringue Pie

It was not the first time I made this pie, and it wouldn't be the last. Pie crust, lemon custard, sugary-puffy meringue topping, what's not to love? It took quite some hours to make though. So many step to do before I could finally enjoy the result. It was so worth it :)
The unbaked pie crust
Baked crust + unbaked lemon custard
I don't know why but the lemon custard was too runny. I got the same problem the last time I made this. I might have made mistake before, but this time I followed the recipe carefully and it still happened. I baked it for about an hour and it just wouldn't set. I went on anyway but needed an extra effort to spread the meringue on top the still-jiggling custard. I'll try another recipe next time.
Here it is, the finished lemon meringue pie. Despite the trouble, it still looked good, tasted so good.
Now, eat! :)
Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe

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Soft and warm chocolate-chip cookie, fresh from the oven
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