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Choco Banana Pie

Saw this in ‘Gula-gula’ tv show and wanted to try it at once. Turned out not that special. Well, the recipe itself was very-very simple, basically just a pie crust filled with banana slices and chocolate ganache, so it would taste exactly like the banana and the ganache. That’s all. What did I expect? :)

Choco Banana Pie recipe is from Gula-gula show on Trans TV with Bara Pattiradjawane

cokelatia is back in business!

hello! cokelatia is ready to feed your appetite! browse my best-selling products here.

cokelatia will be active by october 27

hi! i'm currently out of town, but you could reach me by october 27. please enjoy my photos on flickr meanwhile. see you!

best selling product: rocky bars

rocky bars: chunks of dark chocolate, white chocolate, vanilla chocolate chips, marshmallow, and caramel candies, all in a bar!
check my flickr for another product photos.

Rocky Bars recipe is from Martha Stewart's Cookies

Birthday Black Forest

My good friend for whom I baked the chocolate lover’s pound cake also ordered a birthday cake for his mom. A black forest. I decorated the cake just how black forest usually are, with whipped cream, topped with cherries, and sprinkled with grated chocolate, then I added some chocolate thins around the edge and tied the cake with a pink ribbon so the thins would stay where they should be. Sweet, isn’t it?

Black Forest Cake Recipe

Chocolate Lover’s Pound Cake

A good friend gave me a cook book as my birthday gift. To say thanks I let him choose any recipe in the book and I would bake it for him. He chose this chocolate pound cake. I made them in form of cupcakes so they were handy.

Chocolate Lover’s Pound Cake recipe is from The Essential Baker