Homemade Ricotta

I was on the spirit on making everything homemade lately that I decided to try to make homemade cream cheese too. That, or the fact that it's nearly impossible to find store bought cream cheese anywhere near home.

I asked a friend who had made homemade cream cheese for tips, then continued my research on google. I found many different ways to make it. As always, I chose the simplest way. Just like my friend told me how to do it. Thanks, @PitraMoeis!

This is how I did it. Heat some pasteurized milk (NOT UHT. Fresh milk would be better if you have it handy) until about 40 degree Celsius. Add some freshly squeezed lemon/lime juice. You will need about 1/4 cup lemon/lime juice for 1 liter of milk. Stir, let it sit for a while until it curdles.

Line a strainer with cheese cloth (you cold also use clean tea towel) and set the strainer over a bowl. Pour the curdled milk into the strainer, very slowly. Let it dry. The longer you let it dry, the more solid the cheese would be. I did as the picture shown below, in the fridge all night.

By the way, the liquid you collect in the bowl below the strainer is called whey. Or acid whey, more precisely. Don't throw it away! There are many ways to make advantage out of it

Ta-da! Here's the result. From what I learned by googling this is called ricotta. Hello homemade ricotta! I would never buy store bought ricotta again.


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