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Cheese Potato Cake

Just a simple sponge cake with mashed potato and cheese mixed in the batter. Nice combination, especially when still warm. Next time I make this again I would double the potato and cheese for a more pronounced taste.

Cheese Potato Cake Recipe

Cookie Monster

This post is dedicated to the Cookie Monster in us.
First, our favorite chocolate chip cookie. With almonds. And premium dark chocolate. We would get crazy whenever the first batch of this cookie come out the oven.
They would look like this. Melted. Yu~um!
Second, grandma's chocolate cookie. Not my grandma, but the title is like that. This one is made of cocoa powder, and coated with sanding sugar. That's what makes them different. 
I baked them in two batches. First batch was baked right after the dough is ready, and the second batch was baked the next day after spending a night in the fridge. They made different texture and appearance.
The first batch resulted in well-risen, fluffier cookies
The second batch were more flat, but gooey cookies
I love the cracked and crispy crust but gooey interior
Last, this is the kind of cookies that would be a perfect refreshment after batches of chocolatey sweets.
Lime meltaways. Fresh, sour, tangy cookies lightly coated in powdered sugar.

A b…

Cooking Eggplant

I used to know only two kinds of eggplant dishes : fried eggplant with ground chillies (balado) or with sweet soy sauce. Until one day I saw a photo of moussaka that really made me drool. Eggplant with cheese? I wondered what it taste like? 
Not letting my curiosity occupied my thought for too long, I picked the best recipe I could find on the internet and made it. I didn't know if I made it right or not, I haven't tried the authentic moussaka. For me it was like another lasagna but with eggplant instead of pasta or bread :D Same mince and tomatoes,  same bechamel sauce.
Well, still having some eggplant in the fridge I moved on to another recipe using eggplant: Ratatouille. I kinda like this one better. Eggplant and zucchini with tomatoes, so fresh and healthy. If only I had paprika in hand the combination would be wonderful.
Ratatouille, Disney's Style
Moussaka Recipe How To Cook Perfect Moussaka Ratatouille Recipe