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chocolate-orange-cappuccino cookies

it's chocolate yet cappuccino, and surprise - a hint of orange! what a combination, chocolate and orange.. I sure will create more.

It is originally Chocolate-Orange-Espresso Thins, recipe from Martha Stewart's Cookies

chocolate parcel

can you see that the parcel has a gift-box shape with ribbons at top? so it's a gift box contains lots of hearts :)

Baking Day!

I was on fire today, baked 4 different kinds of treat a day! First one was some kind of dauphinois, well, maybe it’s not really a treat but for me it is :) and the second one was the one I bake so often: rocky bars. What I’m gonna put the pictures here were the last two, blueberry & cheese tartlets and red cherry clafoutis.
The tartlets didn’t use real blueberries, just blueberry jelly (the kind people usually use for donut filling) mixed with cream cheese. Clafoutis originally made from black cherries, but I only had the red ones in hand.
Blueberry & Cheese Tartlets and Cherry Clafoutis recipes are from Sedap magazine