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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Photos are taken by Amanda Mita.
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Recipe is from Martha Stewart

Another Chocolate Apple Cake

Cinnamon-scented Chocolate Cake
With Apple Chunks Inside
Sweet, chocolaty, moist, chunky, fresh, and (hopefully) healthy :)

Chocolate Apple Cake Recipe

Wonderful Banana Cake

Wonderful banana cake. For breakfast. Imagine the aroma that would fill your entire neighborhood when you bake it in the morning. Mmmmm. Mine didn't look as good as the original one though. I guess it's because of the sugar. I reduced the amount of sugar far, far below the original recipe. But the cake was sweet enough for us. And I didn't use a loaf pan, I used a longer pan so the cake turned up much lower. 
But it fit my snack box perfectly!
Banana Cake Recipe

Mini Cupcakes For Mini Officer

Chocolate cake in mini paper cup, strawberry-flavored chocolate, Ceres festive.
Go take a bite!
The mini officer at :)

Corn Dog Muffins

I love corn dogs! And I've been dying to make them at home. It took quite some time to finally found the affordable cornmeal on store. And these were what I tried to make first, corn dog muffins. They're not fried, they're baked. "But they're exactly like corn dogs!" the source stated. Well, not really. The fried ones are more delicious. Because they're fried :D

I also made the cheese version. Oh they would be much better if they were fried.
Corn Dog Muffins Recipe