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Updates: Recipes

Hi there!I’ve updated every post with links to the recipes (or books) I use so you can try to bake them yourself. They are right on the bottom of every post (except those recipes that don’t available online, but I mentioned the sources. If you need the recipe just contact me, I’ll find some time to write it down here).
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Who doesn't love cheesecakes? There are sooo many versions of them. Here's some.

New York Style Cheesecake
It's maybe the creamiest cheesecake in the world. Rich, melt-in-your-mouth type of cake.

Mango Cheesecake
Mango is hubby's favorite fruit. I made this for dessert on one special day. It's a frozen, unbaked cheesecake. I read a few cheesecake recipes and combine them. Too bad I didn't write down the modified recipe.

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake
This is my (and some people's) favorite. It tastes like ice cream! and it's got three layer of chocolate: white, milk, and dark chocolate. Spoon from top to bottom to get the awesome combination of all three, like this:

Yum! I like to make them in individual portions, but it could also be made in big round shape, good for birthday cake.

New York Style Cheesecake Recipe
One reference to make fruit cheesecakeTriple Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe


I love making bars. Unlike cookies, when making bars you just place the batter in one pan and then cut it into bars when it's ready. No need to roll and shape. And bars usually have simple method, more simple than cake. Quick and simple! My favorite words :)

Sometimes when I'm craving for cookies but don't have too much time I just spread the batter over a cookie sheet, make them bars-like.

Here are some of my favorite bars.

Top left: Chocolate Toffee Bars.
Top right: Rocky Bars. Those are the first rocky bars I made.
Bottom left: Latest version of Rocky Bars. I make them so often I know the recipe by heart (I've modified it here and there to meet everyone's appetite). All people's favorite!
Bottom right: Chocolate-chip Shortbread. Yes, it has its own name, shortbread, but for me it's bars-like so I just put it here.

Chocolate Toffee Bars Recipe
Rocky Bars recipe is from Martha Stewart's Cookies
Chocolate-chip Shortbread recipe is from 500 Chocolate Delights

Apple Crumble

What an easy yet fabulous dessert! It tastes as good as apple pie, but waaay much easier to prepare. It just took two steps: Cook apples with sugar until tender,Prepare the crumbs, put them on top of the apples, then bake.Done! Easy-peasy! Enjoy with a scoop (or more) of good vanilla ice cream (I like Diamond’s), perfect as a late night dessert after a long tiring day. G’nite!
Apple Crumble Recipe