perfectly-chocolate cake with strawberries

it's a Hershey's 'perfectly chocolate' chocolate cake, and at first I was not so sure about it. firstly I baked the cake, tasted a few crumbs, and I thought, "um.. okay". then I whipped the frosting, tasted it, and I thought it was a little too sweet but not bad. and then I assembled them all, decorated, took photos, and when it was time to cut the cake I tasted it again and then I go "wowthisissooogood!" :D yes, it was moist, very dense and rich, perfectly chocolate... so the title is perfectly match after all.

Hershey's "Perfectly Chocolate" Chocolate Cake Recipe


Fakhrur said…
"The whole is more than the sum of its parts" -Aristotles

your cake is another perfect example of this statement :)
franciska said…
wah manteb bgt si ti...
sayang gue jauh... :((
cokelatia said…
fakhrur: can't find another quote to compete that :P
franciska: (ini windy kan?) kapan atuh pulang? heheheh
Luffy said…
Kayaknya yang satu ini enak nih....
helmi said… orde gimane cara ne??ada counternya ka?jd bisa qt datengin gt ;)
blz yap


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