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Birthday Cookies

This is for my brother's birthday. It's actually two oversize cookies sandwiched together using cream cheese frosting. But I used a too small pan so the cookies were taller then they should be, made it look more like a layered cake than layered cookies.
I love the idea of using colorful candies to decorate, simple and very easy but looks so festive. I love the frosting too, the cream cheese balances the sugar so it doesn't taste too sweet.

Birthday Cookies recipe is from 500 Chocolate Delights

Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti

I made this biscotti for a friend as a farewell gift because he is going to continue his study abroad. It tastes very chocolaty, a bit crunchy on the outside, rich and chewy inside. Love it.

Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti recipe is from Martha Stewart's Cookies

Pennylane’s Brownies

I have a friend that has the same birthday with me. To celebrate our birthday this year we decided to bake something together. It was fun! She let me choose which recipe we would try, and I had wanted to try this brownies recipe for a while. It turned out pretty good. But for me, I like the fudgy kind of brownies with chewy texture whereas this recipe is using vegetable oil and cocoa powder instead of butter and chocolate, so the result is more cake-like.Pennylane’s Brownies Recipe

Blue Birthday Cake

Today is my birthday and I've been planning to bake myself a birthday cake. A decent one, with frosting and candle and cherries and all. A friend asked why it had to be blue. Well, I have two reasons.First, a very long time ago I stumbled upon a birthday greeting card in a book store. It had a picture of a slice of birthday cake, chocolate cake, and yes, with blue frosting. Baby blue precisely. I thought, how cute, it was a nice color combination of dark brown and baby blue. And blue was my favorite color at the time. I was thinking it would be nice if someone give me a cake like that on my birthday. Well, since no one has given me a blue cake until now, I decided to bake it myself.Second, I'm currently feeling like a blue birthday today, so the cake would be match with my current mood :)So, here it is, happy blue birthday to me!

Black Forest Cake Recipe

Good Muffin!

I love this recipe! I know the picture is not really good, but I assure you, it tastes very good! Just don't judge a muffin by its appearance :)

Muffin Recipe