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Baking with your kid can be very fun. Try this homemade pocky stick for instance. He/she would love to roll the dough into sticks, or dip them in melted strawberry-flavored-chocolate. Most of the sticks will surely end up in his/her stomach but there are still a couple left for you to take photos for documentation.
Strawberry Pocky Recipe

Or what about chocolate-glazed donuts? Use fun shape cookie cutter to make the holes. We use star shape cutter so we will have mini star shape donuts later. Oh, these donuts are eggless, by the way. And they are baked, not deep fried. Pretty healthy, no? (Okay, maybe not really, since you still need white flour and all)
Eggless Baked Donuts Recipe
If you concern about the kneading and the wating-for-the-dough-to-rise process you could use a simple and quick donut recipe. There are tons of them, just google it. Or visit this link below.
Quick And Easy Donuts Recipe
"D'oh! Must you take pictures of everything I wanna eat? I can't wait!"