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Cheese-Chunk Cookies

This is one of my favorite chewy chocolate-chip cookies recipes, but I replace the chocolate chips with cheese chunks. Are you a cheese lover? Do try this at home!

Chocolate-chip Cookies Recipe

Banana Almond Chocolate-Chunk Cookies

Fruit, nuts and chocolate - all in one cookie, I wonder what the combination would taste like. Turn out it tastes very close to banana bread, but this one has chocolate chunks inside. And I should say the chocolate chunks are the highlight of the cookies. So they have strong taste of banana mixed with chunky-nutty feel, then you meet the chocolate and it would dominate your taste buds and soon create a smile on your face... Or is it just me? I indeed have a very soft spot for chocolate.

Banana-Walnut Chocolate-Chunk Cookies recipe is from Martha Stewart's Cookies

Making Pizza

This is the first time I make pizza. From scratch. It's not too hard, very similar to bread making. I roll the crust as thin as I can, to resemble Italian pizza, but they turn out not thin enough. I guess I should learn to hand-toss the dough to make it really thin. You know, like pizza guy in Italian pizza restaurant :)
For the topping I put bolognese sauce with minced beef, portobello mushrooms, paprika, pineapples, onions, and Kraft's Quick Melt cheese (mozarella is too expensive), like this:

And this is the already baked pizza... Only one slice left for taking photos.

And oh, I also make another version with carbonara sauce, fresh basil and tomatoes. Delicious!

Pizza Recipe

Chocolate-chip Muffin

I'm quite satisfied with this muffin recipe that I usually use, but I'm curious to try this another muffin recipe. I mean, look at the picture on that blog, what a mountain high muffin! Very tempting.
It's much more simple to make, basically you just mix the dry ingredients in one bowl, the wet ingredients in another bowl, and then combine them. My muffins rise well and taste alright, moist because of the sour cream. But next time I'll stick to the first recipe. It's a bit tricky to make but I think they taste better. Rich and buttery.

Vanilla Butter Cookies

Cookies with butter and vanilla, sounds so ordinary, right? But when you use good quality butter and vanilla bean for real vanilla flavor, they become special. Simple but good. Plain yet sophisticated. Try them and you'll know what I mean :)

Vanilla Butter Cookies Recipe