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Another Tiramisu

I was craving for tiramisu and decided to make some. I was quite satisfied with the tiramisu recipe I tried before, but I was also tempted to try this another tiramisu recipe, just to know the difference. This recipe had simpler ingredients, and since I had made tiramisu before it would feel easier this time.

And it turned out that I like this recipe better! If the former one is using half mascarpone cheese and half heavy cream, this one calls for whole mascarpone cheese. It makes the result taste so light, less creamy in a good way. If with the first recipe I would feel full enough after eating a slice, with this recipe I could go on with the second and the third. Yum! I halved the recipe so I only needed a cup of mascarpone cheese (you know how expensive this thing is here), no cream.

Tiramisu Recipe