Up and Beyond!

I was thinking about Up movie by Disney-Pixar when brainstorming ideas for my son’s first birthday cake. I love the movie so much; it’s so beautiful and inspiring. Besides, my son loves balloons; he would act joyfully whenever he spots balloon sellers on the street with their colorful balloons. So I thought the decoration of the cake would be about them (the balloons, not the sellers). I browsed a baking supplies store for colorful balloon miniatures, looked in a gift shop for real balloons, baked a cake, whipped some frosting, et voila! I came up with this cake.

The blue box that I used for placing the cake represents sky, the cake represents clouds, and the balloons are hopes and dreams, flying above the sky to reach the star (the biggest balloon).

The cake was actually sugarless banana bread so my son could eat his cake as much as he likes. The frosting was a mix of cream cheese, whipped cream, and shredded cheddar cheese (yep, no sugar added). I made it plain white with fluffy texture to represent cloud and so that the focus is on the balloons.

Sugarless Banana Bread Recipe


Aini said…
Hi cokelatia, salam kenal :)
Mau tanya : kalau bikin seukuran birthday cake itu cukup pakai takaran 1 resep atau takaran resepnya didobel ? Thx :)
cokelatia said…
Halo Aini :)
aku kemaren bikinnya satu resep doang, tapi ukuran cake-nya juga mungil, pake loyang ukuran dua belas senti. adonannya aku bagi ke dua loyang trus ditumpuk deh.
maaf ya bales comment-nya kelamaan, hehe.

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