Cookie Parade

Cookies! Many variations of them, all taste great. I love cookies because I can store them in a jar, ready for anytime snack. Whenever I feel hungry, I just reach them and start nibbling :)

Top left: Crisp Chocolate-chip Cookies.
Top right: Chewy Chocolate-chip Cookies.
Middle left: Jacques Torres' Secret Chocolate Chip Cookies. Oh yes, I'm crazy for chocolate-chip cookies, especially the chewy kind. I've tried many recipes and this one is the best so far. And they come in giant size!
Middle right: Lemon Meltaways. Imagine a citrus cookie covered with powdered sugar... Perfect choice when you had too much chocolate cookies :)
Bottom left: Japonais Sandwiches. Some kind of macaroons with peanut butter filling. Light and delicate.
Bottom right: Chocolate-Orange-Cappuccino Cookies. Enough said :)

Top left: Snicker Doodle. Simple ingredients, chewy texture, cinnamon and brown sugar flavor.
Top right: Surprise Cookies. What's surprising? When you take a bite, you'll find a marshmallow hiding behind the chocolate topping (no surprise anymore, eh?)
Middle left: Semprit Cookies or Spritz Cookies with blueberry jam or raisins.
Middle right: Raspberry Financiers. Can you see the little heart shape? No?
Bottom left: Schoko Cookies. Chocolate cookies sandwiched together with peanut butter then dipped in milk chocolate. Mmm...
Bottom right: Cheese Buttons. Cheese cookies with sweet icing, gives unique combination of savory and sweet.

Decorated Cookies

I'm not very good at decorating, as you can see from the picture above :) Maybe I just don't have the patience to paint those little cookies. I mean, there are so many of them in one batch, and I've already felt tired after decorating the first one. My eyes felt blurry after finishing the whole batch.

Lastly, this pic is the cookies I made recently, originally named Cheese Bliss but I call them 'Baby Kaastengels'. Why? Because they taste similar to kaastengels but these are baby friendly (8-month old and above), no salt and sugar. I made them for my 11-month old baby. He loves them very much, keep asking for more and more :)

Cheese Bliss Recipe


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