Banana Breadcrumbs Pudding

I had some very ripe bananas left from baking my son’s birthday cake; they were getting bad and pleaded to be used soon. I also had some breadcrumbs that were already mixed with melted butter and didn’t know what to do with them. Then I got the idea of making banana bread pudding. There’s a recipe that I like so much; it calls for bread slices that were soaked in melted butter so the pudding has a touch of savory taste. So I just substituted them with the breadcrumbs. And oh, I had some cream cheese frosting left over too, and I added it into the eggs and milk. Turned out really good! I didn’t bake it ala au-bain-marie, I did regular way and extended the baking time until the pudding had browned and the surface cracked a little bit. It’s delicious! Perfect to be served warm in rainy afternoon, even better with vanilla ice cream.

Banana Breadcrumbs Pudding Recipe Source


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