Juna's 5th Birthday Cake

It was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, as requested by the birthday boy. I'm grateful for such a simple kid. The cake was made using this recipe. Such a delicious, soft, and moist chocolate cake, really, perfect texture. I may not want to switch to another chocolate cake recipe ever again. (Don't recoil by the long and excessive title, the cake is practically simple, trust me). 

The frosting is buttercream, the recipe was derived from Pennylane Kitchen.

Buttercream Frosting

250 grams Hollman Soft Cream
250 grams shortening
180 grams sweet condensed milk
12 grams powdered milk

Using a mixer, beat soft cream, shortening, and sweet condensed milk for 15 minutes.
Add powdered milk, continue beating for another 15 minutes until very light, fluffy, and shiny.

This recipe yields tremendous amount of frosting, mind you. There were still so much waste buttercream in my fridge... I think even half of it would be more than enough to frost a 22 cm round cake. 
To make it chocolate frosting, I use chocolate flavored sweet condensed milk, substitute the powdered milk with cocoa, adding more cocoa, and then chocolate topping (the kind that is used for ice cream topping, sold in squeeze bottles), and it was still not chocolatey enough. The appearance and color is very pale as seen on the photos.
My point is, this frosting recipe is great for vanilla flavored buttercream, go for another recipe if you want chocolate frosting. 

The birthday boy did the decorating.

Oh, such a happy face.


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