Homemade Crackers

One day I took my son out all day, from morning until late in the afternoon. I brought along his homemade food but he refused to touch it. Even when my husband and I had lunch at a restaurant he just tasted a little of my meal but seemed not interested to eat. Feeling worried of him barely ate anything aside breast milk we stopped by a convenience store, bought some bread and a pack of whole meal crackers (I’ve glared at the ingredients written on the package and I thought it was the most nutritious one that I could find in store-bought biscuits). My son rejected the bread but liked the crackers so much.
Later at home I thought of baking him homemade crackers so I’d know for sure what they contain. I browsed the web for a recipe and found so many of them. They are homemade versions of store-bought crackers, familiar ones you may find at supermarkets.
This is the first thing I was intrigued to try:

Fish Crackers

Fishes in the Pond

Actually I’ve never tasted the real Goldfish Crackers so I can’t tell the difference. But these cheesy fishes are good. Taste like baked cheese, as it is the main ingredient. And look at those cute little shapes; they are quite entertaining for my toddler.

Next are Whole Meal Crackers

In my opinion, the recipe is waaay too sweet. On the first try, I halved the sugar and substituted the molasses with honey. And the crackers were still really-really sweet. My toddler liked them, but then he got very thirsty and drank so much water after eating them. On the second try I skipped the honey completely and they came out better. Tasted pretty similar with the one I usually buy. The recipe is simple to make, I’m definitely gonna bake them often. Bye-bye store-bought crackers!

Oh, by the way, as I was making them for my toddler doesn’t mean that they are only good for toddler’s appetite. They could satisfy adults too. This is what I’m planning to try next.


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