Bread-Making Madness #3: Baguettes

This is the real madness. Making my own baguettes when I can easily buy them from any bakery. No 14-hours-proofing, no all-morning-waiting-anxiously-for-the-result. But I just thought, hey, isn't it cool if I could make my own baguettes?

Well, no, because it didn't turn out as expected. In order to get the beautiful deep golden brown shade, I baked them up till 30 minutes. Wrong. It was far too long. When still warm, the baguettes are as hard as rocks, and once cooled down, chewing them felt like chewing a tire. No kidding!

But maybe it's not all about the baking duration, there must be something I missed on the process. The interior of the baguettes was not as it's supposed to be: airy, with large, irregular holes. Mine looked just like another bread. They tasted good, though.

This is really not over yet, my friend. I definitely will have another try. 

Anyway, if you feel challenged, find the complete instructions on making baguettes here.


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