Homemade Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Strawberry cheesecake is good enough, how about strawberry cheesecake ICE CREAM? Total NOM!
P.s. no machine required.

Start by preparing strawberry pie filling. There's a step-by-step to make it here.

Then make crumbs. I used crushed digestive biscuit + melted butter.

For the ice cream, mix together butter, cream cheese, whipped cream, sweet condensed milk, and lemon juice. 

Throw in the crumbs, stir. 

Then throw in the strawberry filling. Fold gently, do not overmix!

Yum! At this point, sneak a spoonful or two wouldn't kill. Just remember to pour the rest into a container. Cover and freeze overnight. 


You can view the complete recipe here.


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