Green Tea Cookies

What's with all this green tea craze? People seems hysterical about anything with green tea in it. I'm intrigued, and my curiosity is enough to bring me to buy some green tea powder on the baking-supply store. Quite expensive for such minuscule package, I must say. Anyway, let's turn that famous powder into cookies! Of course! 

Pick your favorite cookies recipe. Add generous amount of green tea powder to the flour mix. Substitute brown sugar with white sugar, and chocolate-chips with white chocolate-chips. Because I think green tea would go well with white chocolate. And I'm right. The cookies are sooo good I wanna cry. 

But I think it's because, you know, cookies are like my most favorite snack in the world. Not because the green tea. I still don't get what this green tea madness is all about. 

Anyway, this is how I bring them to the next level:

Let's start chocolate-chip-cookie-ice-cream-sandwiches craze!


jowdjbrown said…
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