Eggless Mocaf Cookies

Heart Shape Cookies As Requested By Little Cookie Monster

Since I bought a bag of mocaf (modified cassava flour) I've been doing some experiment with it. I put it on fritter batter, cake batter, and cookie dough to see what difference it makes. This time I used mocaf to make our favorite cornflakes cookies. I was not sure about how it would turn out so I made a very small batch. Because it would be unpractical to divide an egg yolk by two I used a tablespoon of water instead.

Surprisingly, the cookies are great. They're not as crunchy as the ones with regular flour. They have different texture but as good. Oh, and they COULD be gluten free cookies IF you substitute the cornflakes with gluten free ingredients. Chopped nuts, maybe? 

Eggless Mocaf Cookies

100 grams butter/margarine
35 grams sugar (I used palm sugar, but white sugar would do)
1 tbsp water
100 grams mocaf
50 grams crushed cornflakes (or nuts, chocolate chips, raisins, anything you could think of)

Cream butter and sugar. Add water. Fold in mocaf gradually. Add cornflakes or other stuff, stir until incorporated. 
Spoon dough into cookie sheet, then bake until golden brown. Cool completely before serving/storing.

Spotted: Impatient Little Cookie Monster's Hand


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