Cooking Eggplant


I used to know only two kinds of eggplant dishes : fried eggplant with ground chillies (balado) or with sweet soy sauce. Until one day I saw a photo of moussaka that really made me drool. Eggplant with cheese? I wondered what it taste like? 

Not letting my curiosity occupied my thought for too long, I picked the best recipe I could find on the internet and made it. I didn't know if I made it right or not, I haven't tried the authentic moussaka. For me it was like another lasagna but with eggplant instead of pasta or bread :D Same mince and tomatoes,  same bechamel sauce.

Well, still having some eggplant in the fridge I moved on to another recipe using eggplant: Ratatouille. I kinda like this one better. Eggplant and zucchini with tomatoes, so fresh and healthy. If only I had paprika in hand the combination would be wonderful.

Ratatouille, Disney's Style


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