Strawberry Madness

So my mom held a lunch party at her house and I was planning to make some fruit tartlets for dessert. A day before the party she went to do grocery shopping and I asked her to bought some strawberries for the topping. Later that day she called and told me that she couldn't find them at the supermarket. The next morning on the way to mom's I stopped at Cihapit Market to buy them. The strawberries were so big and red that I bought so many of them, only to find when I got at mom's that she had also bought many strawberries from a door-to-door salesgirl that morning. So here are the fruit tartlets, all strawberry!

After batches of strawberry tartlets there were still so many strawberries left and even my son was getting bored of eating them. So the next day I turned them into pie, along with some pineapple.

Pineapple & Strawberry Pie

Fruit Tartlets Recipe


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