These photos have been sitting in my draft folder for quite some time, I don't know why I haven't published them. The first small ones was my first attempt on making quiche. They were filled with spinach and cheddar cheese. I made them for my son who at the time refused to eat anything. He would get some carb, protein and fiber in one bite and they come in handy size. Or so I thought. He refused them too. I was the one who finished them all. Not bad.

The second quiche was made in a larger baking dish. I made this one still with spinach, plus caramelized onion and lots, lots of Parmesan cheese. That was better. The warm and gooey cheese was irresistible. My son didn't refuse it this time.

Hm, just thinking about this right now makes me want to make it again soon.

Quiche Lorraine Recipe
Caramelized Onion Quiche Recipe


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