Melon Frozen Yogurt With Strawberry Sauce

My mom has an ice cream maker. She got it as a door prize from an event many years ago. But she's never used it. Every time I pass by the kitchen I glance at the box of the ice cream maker stacked on top of kitchen cabinet, covered with dust. I've always planned of making use of it someday, but only yesterday I finally made it.

It was when I found a half of melon in the fridge, I thought of the ice cream maker and a melon frozen yogurt recipe that I've read. You cut a melon in half, scrape the flesh out (reserve the skin), crush and blend with yogurt (I used about 140 ml of plain yogurt for half a melon) and a little sugar (1 tablespoon or more depending on the sweetness of the melon), then put the mixture in a container and put the container in the freezer. When the mixture is half-hardened take it out, crush and stir until smooth, then put it back in the freezer. Repeat this around 3 times. As I used an ice cream maker I didn't do this. I just poured the mixture into the machine and checked the result 30 minutes later. When it's done, I placed the mixture back in the melon skin and chilled it until set.

By the way, don't expect a smooth texture frozen yogurt like the one you usually find in some malls. But this is homemade-fresh-guaranteed. I found my frozen yogurt less sweet, so I enjoyed it with strawberry sauce.

P.S. I was planning on including the half melon contains frozen yogurt in the photo, but... I didn't. I had to take photos in a hurry, while my nearly-fourteen-month-old son pounding on the door pleading to join me in the backyard.

The Melon Frozen Yogurt recipe is from a manga titled Delicious!


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