Chocolate Toffee & Coffee Bars

It's no new stuff, I used to make this a lot in the past (even sell some). Last night I suddenly missed its taste and baked it right away, but to make it a bit different I mixed in some instant coffee powder to the batter. It tastes better, even better the next day. Worth every calories I would gain from consuming oh so many butter and sugar in every slice (not to mention the chocolate chips). But it's worth it, really! :)

Maybe you begin to wondering why I often put some unbaked stuff photos lately. That's because I barely realize that some stuff looks better unbaked. Well, what do you think?

Chocolate Toffee Bars Recipe


cassia vera said…
tiaaa..aku mauuu.. sama rocky bar yang dikurangi gulanya jugaaa :D huhuhu *ngiler*
Tia said…
aaaaah baiklah, akan segera saya kabari.. minggu2 ini deh yaa! :)

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