I love making bars. Unlike cookies, when making bars you just place the batter in one pan and then cut it into bars when it's ready. No need to roll and shape. And bars usually have simple method, more simple than cake. Quick and simple! My favorite words :)

Sometimes when I'm craving for cookies but don't have too much time I just spread the batter over a cookie sheet, make them bars-like.

Here are some of my favorite bars.

Top left: Chocolate Toffee Bars.
Top right: Rocky Bars. Those are the first rocky bars I made.
Bottom left: Latest version of Rocky Bars. I make them so often I know the recipe by heart (I've modified it here and there to meet everyone's appetite). All people's favorite!
Bottom right: Chocolate-chip Shortbread. Yes, it has its own name, shortbread, but for me it's bars-like so I just put it here.

Chocolate Toffee Bars Recipe
Rocky Bars recipe is from Martha Stewart's Cookies
Chocolate-chip Shortbread recipe is from 500 Chocolate Delights


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