valentine offer ;)

what would you like to share with your love one (or love ones maybe)?
some chocolate, the classic one, that melts as your hearts melt?

or this special heart-shape chocolate box that is filled with mini heart-shape chocolates? yes, it is a heart-shape box that made of chocolate!

or just a simple chocolate cupcake that is sprinkled with some simple heart-confetti?

The Cupcake was using Picnic Chocolate Cake Recipe


[ w i n D ] said…
Ti...kayaknya muffinnya great tuuuh....yuummy...ketemuan yuk..pengen dibawain chocolate chip cookiesnya...
Fakhrur said…
wow.. the presentation gets better and better! :D i wish i can have one for the valentine's
Anonymous said…
Are these real?


That was beautiful.. And looks so yummy!

I recommend you to visit this site.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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