Nemo Birthday Cake

This was maybe my first experience on making kids theme decorated birthday cake. And I learned a lot from this! Like, for example, ALWAYS use butter cream to cover your cake when you're gonna decorate it with plastic icing! Because butter cream is oil based. I used non-dairy whip cream instead, you know, the one that should be mixed with iced water before whipped, and you know what will happen? The water content in the cream would make the icing melt!

The cake was ordered by a friend for her daughter's birthday, and I prepared it the night before because she wanted it ready by the next morning. I finished the decoration that night and put the cake in the fridge, and it turned out to be my second mistake. NEVER put plastic icing in the refrigerator, because the humidity will also make it melt. Yes, plastic icing is made of powdered or icing sugar, and it would turn into liquid when it touches water.

So I was a bit panic when I checked the cake later and found the decoration was somewhat soggy and watery. What I did next was removing all the ornaments that are made of plastic icing, and tried to reshaping them, using some cornstarch to reduce the dampness and soggy-look. I put the cake back in the fridge, and woke early the next morning to place the ornaments back to their positions. Then I just prayed that they wouldn't melt again until the cake was ready to eat (thank goodness the birthday party was held in the morning, because the noon sun would be unfriendly with the whip cream and the icing) and at the top of all I hoped my friend (and her daughter) would be satisfy with the cake.

The cake was using Black Forest Cake Recipe


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