sacher torte with oranges! fruity!

this is for my dear friend's birthday. he requested a chocolate cake with some fruity taste, so I suggested sacher torte which has apricot filling, cover the cake with not-so-dense ganache (combination of chocolate and cream) and topped that with oranges. happy orange birthday!

Sacher Torte Recipe


Fakhrur said…
ooohh.. i demand something more special for my birthday :p

kapan ya.. yummm yumm

ich liebe Sacher Torte!
gwgendutloh said…
tambah ok dan tambah banyak aja nih variannya...mau dong, kalo pas gw ke bandung gw pesen2 deh, siapin aja dr sekarang menu yg model2 ice cake gitu..ato dah ada?
cokelatia said…
rur & cal: boleh, siapa takut! :D

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