Blue Birthday Cake

Today is my birthday and I've been planning to bake myself a birthday cake. A decent one, with frosting and candle and cherries and all. A friend asked why it had to be blue. Well, I have two reasons.

First, a very long time ago I stumbled upon a birthday greeting card in a book store. It had a picture of a slice of birthday cake, chocolate cake, and yes, with blue frosting. Baby blue precisely. I thought, how cute, it was a nice color combination of dark brown and baby blue. And blue was my favorite color at the time. I was thinking it would be nice if someone give me a cake like that on my birthday. Well, since no one has given me a blue cake until now, I decided to bake it myself.

Second, I'm currently feeling like a blue birthday today, so the cake would be match with my current mood :)

So, here it is, happy blue birthday to me!

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